Water is such a precious and important natural resource, one that we need to treat with care before using and consuming it. Boiling water is one way to make it safer for use, bleach (sodium hypochlorite) is another way you can treat water, and we will look at a wonderful alternative option that offers numerous benefits.

Bleach is commonly used to treat water, but you should avoid using it to accomplish that goal and here’s why:

1. Bleach can contain all kinds of substances that you wouldn’t expect – dyes, perfumes, and other additives. I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t want to drink those types of liquids and cringe at the thought of it.

2. Using too much or too little are both bad things. If you use too little then you put yourself at risk for getting sick, and use too much you can find yourself ill over time – not to mention the horrible taste and smell it can inflict on taste buds and the sense of smell.

3. Bleach starts to degrade within six months of being manufactured whether it’s opened or not, and each year it loses 20 percent of its effectiveness. Additional degradation is experienced when bleach is exposed to light and heat, so it’s important to store it properly to better preserve its usefulness.

4. If the water you’re treating looks dirty or cloudy after using bleach, a second dose may be needed to make sure the water is properly disinfected. Getting just the right amount is tricky and can be frustrating.

5. It usually takes at least 30-60 minutes before water is no longer cloudy and disinfected to a safe level to use. If you need treated water fast, you will have to wait for it.

6. Bleach is reactive to materials including clothing which results in discoloring; it irritates the skin and is corrosive to metals such as stainless steel. You need to be very careful when handling bleach, and many people will only use it as a last resort.

7. Proper dosages and bleach guidelines are shifting because bleach now often has 8% sodium hypochlorite in it, where the traditional levels were between 5 to 6%. So it makes using it correctly more challenging, confusing, and results can drastically vary from time to time.

Bleach has a couple of good things working for it in that it’s cheap to purchase and can be found at many stores. If you are nervous about using bleach to treat your water, then perhaps the alternative solution below will be more appealing to you.

ION Alkaline Water Drops is everything that bleach isn’t – and that’s a good thing for your water.

Benefits of treating your water with these special water drops:

⚫ Only a few drops are needed – By using just a small amount of ION alkaline ionized water drops you can effectively treat your water to remove bad bacteria and other harmful substances. (see recommended dosage chart for drops to gallon)

⚫ Enjoy treated water for years – Water that’s treated using these drops can last 7 years, or even longer. Make up a batch and use it as needed for years.

⚫ Improve your health – Remove toxins from your body to enjoy a lift in energy and reduce inflammation. Increasing your pH and alkalinity intake with these water drops helps improve how you feel and benefits your overall well-being.

⚫ Great for stream and well water – Oxygen molecules are stabilized, even in stream and well water to combat toxic chemicals, anaerobic bacteria, viruses, toxins, and inorganic substances.

⚫ Non-harmful – The natural water purification process is completely safe for not only adults to consume the treated water, but for children and pets as well.

Think beyond bleach and boiling as water treatment options; discover how ION Alkaline Water Drops can make a positive impact on not only your water but way more importantly, your family’s lives.

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