ION Oxygen

Approximately 1600-1700 drops in each bottle.

You do not need to wait, you can eat or drink immediately after taking ION.

We can not guarantee it, we always recommend consulting a doctor. However, ION kills bacteria and viruses so it can help.

ION will not filter it, but it will kill the bacteria and make it safer to drink.

You could if you wanted, it will not hurt you in any way. The formula is salt based, so it may taste salty, we recommend you add it to water or juice and that you follow the recommend dosage.

Yes it is safe for pets but give them smaller doses around 5-10 drops.

2-3 times a day

1 bottle will last between 1-2 months if taken daily.

Currently no, but it is in the process. Sadly this process takes a long time.

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Please call us, so we can discuss the different options & pricing for wholesalers.