Every year, survivalists and recreational outdoorsmen meet their deaths because they misunderstand or pay no attention the deadliness of hypothermia.

The thing about it is that when it is onsetting, you have a difficult time recognizing it.

And then, suddenly, before you can make sense of it, you are no longer able to effectively regulate your body temperature.

And then things get real, real quick!

The onset of hypothermia is characterized by symptoms including:

➔ Shivering;
➔ Slurred speech;
➔ Confusion;’
➔ Clumsiness;
➔ Poor decision making;

If you enter into hypothermia, and you’re alone, and you don’t see the signs, then you may well die.

If your body loses too much heat, and you’re not coherent enough to know how to generate new heat, then you will fade away like drifting snow.