It’s September! That means it’s national preparedness month. This provides us with the opportunity to recognize the need to prepare. Disasters happen right? There is nothing you can do to stop it! The only thing you can do is try to prepare for any situation that does present itself.

What’s the #1 problem people face during a national emergency?

The biggest problem faced during a national emergency or disaster is no access to a clean water supply. The first items to fly off the shelves in stores is bottled water. People preparing for hurricanes even fill their bathtubs with water right before it hits because they won’t have access to any other water supply.

What you can do to prepare

We have the answer! Merely storing water for a disaster is not enough. The water will go stale and become contaminated with anaerobic bacteria over a short period of time. Using our product, ION: Stabilized Oxygen, will purify your water and keep it safe to drink for up to 7 + years! Just 1 bottle will purify 110 gallons of water!

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