Over 40 Years of Clinical Research

As certified by the late Alfredo Rodriguez De Leon, former president of Arloxy of America, Arloxy -100 is the same as ION Stabilized Oxygen.
The following is a compilation of clinical research from a variety of universities, medical clinics, hospitals, professional research organizations, and government facilities.

Baylor Research Foundation – Dallas, TX

Testing of the antibacterial value of (ION Stabilized Oxygen) as a means of treating water to make it potable and safe is complete. The scientific work has been done by Dr. John Ubelaker, Professor of Biology at SMU monitored by myself. Dr. Ubelaker has now completed the test protocol on bacteria, protozoa, dictostelium fungus, muscle parasites, water borne cercariae of the Schistosoma mansoni, and embryonic cells in culture media, and has obtained positive results.

“With the present data, it is clear that (ION Stabilized Oxygen) efficiently kills pathogenic organisms of interest in rendering water potable.”

(J.L. Matthews, PhD., Executive Director, Baylor Research Foundation)

Southern Methodist University

Dr. John Ubelaker, Professor of Biology, states that (ION Stabilized Oxygen) appears to be very toxic to bacteria, protozoa, fungus, and parasitic organisms that be examined.

Among the bacteria he examined are: Enterobacter Cloaca, Escherichia Coli, Klebsielia Pneumoniae, Proteus Vulgaris, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Salmonella Tyohimorium, Serrayia Marcesens, Staphylococcus Aureus, Straphylococcus Faccalis.

Protozoan Parasites: Chilomonas sp., Pandorina sp., Paramecium sp., Chlamdomonas sp., Blepharisma sp., Giardia Lamblia ATCC #30597, Euglena sp., Euplotes sp.

Fungus: Dictosellum sp.

Parasitic Organisms: Nematode parasites of Rodents and Humans, Trichinella spiralis, Trichinella pseudospirallis.

Cercaria: Schistosoma Mansoni, Biomphalaria Alabrata.

Embryonic Cell: Chinese hamster ovary cells and cancer cells (Hela cells).

(John E. Ubelaker, Professor of Biology)

The aforementioned products having been submitted to a series of tests prescribed by this Commission, concerning their conducts in the application referred to, in addition to specific investigations to prove physiological reactions in the human body, the results of such tests having been satisfactory.

(Artemio Yanez Correa, General Director of Sanitary Engineering)

Health and Welfare Department – Mexico City, Mexico

With reference to the permit given you by our Commission for the use of the reagents Flocculate and Esterilit (ION Stabilized Oxygen) in the purification of waste wand other non-potable waters, our testing shows that the treated water is adequate for human use and consumption.

The reagents leave no toxic residual effect in the treated water; on the contrary, it remains free from contamination for a considerable length of time, quite longer than anything observed in any other treatment approved to date.

(Humberto Gomez Valadez, Chief of Laboratory)

Cook Research Laboratories, INC. – Menlo Park, California

Our work was concerned specifically with the testing the efficacy of the products (ION Stabilized Oxygen) and Flocculate in the treatment of sewage water influent and effluent from the Sunnyvale, California Sanitation System.

In general, there is good correlation between the Mexican findings and our own. In other words, based on our laboratory work, I would be disposed to accept as reasonably valid the Mexican findings themselves as they relate to disinfection and contaminant/mineral removal by rapid sedimentation.

I find these products – (ION Stabilized Oxygen) and Flocculate – to be an unusual chemical system for the treatment of water. I know of no other single system that accomplishes as much; or that promises such favorable kinetics.

(Lawrence H. Cook, Director)

Dr. Isaac Balderas Caballero, M.V.Z.

I take great pleasure in informing you about the results I have obtained with the product, (ION Stabilized Oxygen) in the treatment of water for agriculture farms, as well as in medical-veterinarian aspects.

Water in the farms: Treating the water with (ION Stabilized Oxygen) in dilutions of up to 1:100,000, the resulting water shows a stable chlorine residue of 0.2 mg/ltr., leaving the water free of coliform microbes for long periods of time. In stronger concentrations up to 2% of (ION Stabilized Oxygen), the water does not acquire a chlorine order or taste and is not rejected by the animals, and therefore the residual effects of the product in the water can be utilized for microbiological control in the animals themselves. No toxic effects were observed after use of the product.

Chicken for fattening: For drinking water purposes, the results of (ION Stabilized Oxygen) on the birds:

Notable improvement in the factor of food conversion.
Less sensitivity of the birds to weather changes.
Reduction of mortality to less than 50% of what was considered normal.
Acceleration in the growth of the birds with greater weight gains.
Reduction in growth cycle by 4-5 days, with the corresponding savings in amount of feed.
And more tender and better tasting meat.
Laying hens enter into production more rapidly and yield more and better eggs.
I take this opportunity to advise you that in view of the good results obtained in the bird breeding, I have started to test (ION Stabilized Oxygen) in hog-raising and have found very promising results up to this time.

I leave an expression of satisfaction with this extraordinary product.

(Dr. Dr. Isaac Balderas Caballero, M.V.Z.)