This Radio Host Was “Abruptly Censored” For Stating THIS WORD Relating to Hillary

michael_savage_2002word : Levodopa .

It appears that’s all it requires to get abruptly cut off air and also shut down .

It simply occurred to syndicated radio host Michael Savage , who has a regular audience of a quantity of 20 million people .

He frequently stirs controversy , and carries a reputation for telling it like it is , despite efforts to silence him .

However when Savage blurted out that he obtained reports that Hillary Clinton is taking Levodopa , a prescription drug taken by Parkinson’s patients , he was abruptly taken off air .

According to Breitbart :

Talk radio star Michael Savage has characterized his being abruptly pulled off the radio on Monday afternoon following a discussion of Hillary Clinton’s health issues as an act of “pure sabotage .” In an email to this reporter on Monday night , Savage wrote :

Pure sabotage . No advance notice from me or my producers . Then ‘ISDN problems’ during my discussion of the side effects of Levodopa , used for treating Parkinson’s . Then the two fill-ins trying to sound informed and clever from WABC who have 40% lower ratings than me , boasting on air during my hours that they conducted a ‘coup’ by taking Savage off the air .

Savage was taken off the air on New York powerhouse WABC and was replaced by Curtis Sliwa and Ron Kuby , host of the afternoon drive show titled “Curtis & Kuby .”

It sounds like pure opposition attacks from the Hillary camp . Undermining the anti-Hillary message at this critical and desperate time in the election .

Clearly , the Democratic campaign does not want visibility in the story about Hillary’s declining health and extreme vulnerability that could compromise her ability to be president .

Apparently , just talking about rumors and/or reports that Hillary is on a Parkinson’s medication is enough to warrant swift moves of censorship from high up in the media chain of power .

What Are They Hiding ? Radio Host Taken Off Air , Censored for Saying 1 Word

It happened to Dr . Drew after he expressed concern about Hillary suffering brain damage live on air .

Now , it is happening when radio hosts discuss the topic… and it will continue because the powers that be have declared open season for political sabotage .

All the queen’s horses and all the queen’s men will be constructing whatever fragile narrative is necessarily to give the appearance of legitimacy , while clearing the path of any and all adversaries who might stand in her way .

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