Burns are certainly not something you want to go through, but they are one of the most common household accidents.When you burn yourself, it’s important to treat it quickly, but only if you treat it correctly. Read on for 10 burn treatment tips that will help you take immediate action against your minor burns.

1. ION Burn Treatment Spray:  ION Burn Treatment Spray is a great choice for treating burns because it acts as an effective pain killer, which is all you really want for home burn treatment, right? Once you get rid of the pain though, this spray offers even more benefits for your health. It disinfects the burn area, promotes healthy skin, and encourages rapid healing for all burn types. It does this because it contains sodium chloride carbonate and sulfurglycerin, which oxygenates the skin, which may even help it look more youthful after the burn heals!

2. Hold Your Hand Under Cool Water: The first burn treatment tip that you will hear everywhere is to hold your hand under cool water for 20 minutes or more. This would soothe the skin, and it will burn less. Apply mild soap and water to the burn area to ensure it does not get contaminated.


3. Get A Cool Compress: Another expert burn treatment tip would be to apply a cool compress (not a chilled compress) or a clean wet cloth over the burn. This would reduce the swelling and the pain, and it will feel soothing. You could apply the cloth or the compress for 5 to 15 minutes at regular intervals. However, too much cold compress is not recommended as it could irritate the burned area.

4. Go For Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is one of the most common burn treatment options, which is why this plant is even called a “burn plant.” The gel that you acquire from the plant can be used for healing first-degree and even second-degree burns. While it may not offer the wide range of benefits as alkaline burn treatment spray, you can take aloe vera gel directly from the plant and apply it to the burn to find some relief.

5. Peppermint Oil: Take 2 or 3 drops of this oil on a cotton pad and then apply it slowly and gently on the burn. Peppermint oil is filled with methanol which gives a cooling effect. The anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties are an added bonus that helps in eradicating pain and reducing swelling.

6. Tea Tree Oil: Take 2 or three drops in a cotton pad and swipe it on the burn slowly and gently. Tea tree is known for its antiseptic properties and the quickest treatment you can get your hands on for burns.

7. Alkaline Water: Drinking plenty of water when you have a burn is incredibly important, especially for the first day or two. By hydrating, you also hydrate the skin and make it heal faster. Alkaline water does this the best because of the many benefits it offers for your body. It may even help reduce pain a little while healing the burn faster.

8. Yellow Mustard: Take some yellow mustard and water and blend it to make a fine paste which you can apply on the burned skin. Mustard counters irritation and can improve blood flow in the burned area.

9. Tea Bags: Take 2 tea bags and apply them on the burn for a minimum of 10 minutes. This would draw the heat from the burned area and will stop the burning sensation.

10. Cold Mil: You can take ¼ cups of cold milk and cotton balls and after dipping the cotton balls in milk, leave it on the burn area for a few minutes, after which you can wash it with water. Repeating it a few times leads to less pain, and the burning sensation also goes away.


As you can see, many of the best way to treat burns do so indirectly because they work on the skin cells that desperately need to heal. That includes ION Burn Treatment Spray that soothes the skin via oxygenation to heal your wound rapidly and effectively.