We all must drink water, but millions of people do not have access to safe and clean drinking water. Even if you do, it may not taste too great or keep you mentally and physically healthy. To ensure healthy, safe, and pure drinking water at home or elsewhere, you have a couple options.

Water treatment drops and tablets are manufactured by different pharmaceutical companies. But they aren’t the same and offer different benefits and differences that you may want to consider before making your choice.

What are Water Purification Drops?

ION water purifications are alkaline water drops that raise the pH level of your water supply. They keep stored water fresh, and a single bottle can treat 110 gallons for over 7 years. Great for camping supplies, long-term storage, storm shelters, and everyday use.

The unique formula uses stabilized oxygen molecules to eradicate impurities, bacteria, and toxins. This makes the water taste better while also ensuring safety for anyone who drinks it. Plus, they are convenient to take with you and easy to use without waiting long for results.

What Are Water Purification Tablets?

Water purifying tablets can treat water that has been obtained from unreliable or untreated sources to make it suitable for drinking by killing all kinds of pathogens. They can work well to eradicate some bacteria and other nasty compounds, but there are some downsides as well.

Water treated with water purification tablets can irritate the mouth, cause nausea and other gastrointestinal issues, and may cause poisoning if used for prolonged periods. Plus, they take as long as 30 minutes or even an hour to be effective.

Which is Better?

Whether you have gone hiking or traveling or cannot find purified water where you are, the safest and best tasting results come from water purification drops.

The Benefits Of Using Water Treatment Drops

  • Kills Harmful Pathogens: Diarrhoea is one of the most common diseases that one suffers from due to drinking impure water. Using water purifying drops, you can ensure that your family and loved ones are drinking purified, bacteria-free water.


  • Extremely Convenient and Easy To Use: These water treatment drops are extremely convenient to use. You can use it anytime and anywhere just by following the guidelines that have been given at the back of the pack. In fact, you can even add them to juices!


  • Comes Handy During Emergencies: Using water treatment drops, you can rest assured that your water will be safe, and no bacteria can grow in it for a long time. These drops can also be used during emergencies like floods when having access to fresh water is impossible. It saves you from any disease and dehydration.


The major difference between water purification drops vs tablets is their mechanism of action. Tablets might not get dissolved at times, especially if the water is chilled, and can have negative effects on your body and well-being. On the other hand, ION water treatment drops are safe, natural, effective, and affordable. Get your drops today!