Water Purification

Water Treatment and Purification – The product keeps almost indefinitely.  It is a godsend when traveling to remote areas where water quality may be questionable, in foreign countries, or after any man made or natural disaster which affects water.

Add 5-20 drops in an 8 oz. glass.  Start with 5 drops for younger children and up to 20 for adults.

For water storage:

Add 20 drops of ION to one gallon of water.
Add 100 drops to every 5 gallons
One bottle of ION will treat 110 gallons of water.

Water Filtration Units and sink top purifiers – These devices can become contaminated with bacteria.  Soak for an hour in water to which 20 drops of ION have been added.  Be sure the unit is submersed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Compared to Hydrogen Peroxide and Chlorine:

Hydrogen Peroxide is H2O2.   What they do is create another molecule of oxygen.  They don’t stabilize it, they really don’t know how to.  Hydrogen has both a negative and a positive charge.  Or, two different stems that goes in two different directions.  When you create Hydrogen Peroxide you have a hydrogen positive and negative and you have an oxygen negative.  Oxygen is the only element in nature that is totally negatively charged.  So they have found a way to eliminate the negative charge of hydrogen and add the negative charge of oxygen to create a stable molecule.  The hydrogen negative is the negative side effect of drinking hydrogen peroxide directly.  So a watered down, 3 to 1 food grade peroxide was created for the consumer to take.  It will work to a degree, but it will leave a negative side effect to create a free radical of hydrogen.  Chlorine is one of the salts in making ION.  Chlorine has both a negative and a positive charge.  Chlorine positive is an essential salt to maintain the body’s health.  The Chlorine negative is completely the opposite.  It is harmful to the body.  So the body tries to eradicate it through a free radical system.  We have eliminated Chlorine negative so it doesn’t create a free radical and there is no negative residue.  That is the difference between Hydrogen Peroxide or Hydro Caloric acid that uses salts to attaching the oxygen and ION’s.  In small dosages for a short time just like colloidal silver.  So ION has nothing that is charged negatively in it, so it is not toxic.