If you don’t like the taste of your water or if it puts you at risk of ingesting toxins, bacteria, and other harmful substances, purified drinking water is a must.

The good news would be you can use water treatment drops to purify and improve your drinking water at home or on the go. These drops can enhance the taste of water and keep you safe while traveling, hiking, in your home, or where you cannot gain access to purified drinking water. There are tons of other benefits too!

Water Treatment Drop Benefits

They not only keep you safe by eliminating contaminates and impurities but can also offer additional benefits to your mind and body. They work by using a proprietary formula of stabilized oxygen molecules surrounded by a solution of sodium chloride carbonate and sulfate, premium salts gathered from around the world.

Eliminates Bacteria

Bacteria can cause all sorts of problems from stomach issues and nausea to long-term negative effects on your well-being. With ION water treatment drops, you will never have worry about bacteria or other toxins again because the oxygenation process ensures that the bacteria never survive before hitting your lips.


These drops are convenient, easy to use, and easy to take anywhere you go. You can use them to protect yourself from water or simply to improve the taste of water in the country, while camping, or in an area where you aren’t used to the unique flavour of the municipal water supply.

Boost Energy and Cognition

Since ION water treatment drops are alkaline, they offer many benefits of drinking alkaline water.Those benefits include better mental clarity, focus, concentration, attention span, and all-around energy. You can amplify your performance simply by adding water treatment drops to your everyday routine.

Cuts Back on Plastic

It is impossible to carry litres of bottled water with you wherever you go, and it is not good for the environment as well. Bottled water might be convenient but not for the environment.With water treatment drops, you can do your part in saving the environment.

Better Taste

While the main concern with bacteria and toxins are the negative health effects, they also cause water to taste bad. By using water treatment drops in your drinking water, you not only protect your health, but also improve the taste of your water. This may even help you drink more water to stay more hydrated, which offers several additional benefits!


All in all, these are some of the water treatment drops benefits. So, it’s time to get yourself a bottle of ION water treatment drops today and boost your water and your health for 7 years! A single, affordable bottle will even work on up to 110 gallons.