How To Use ION

This information is offered to acquaint you with the many uses for ION Stabilized Oxygen. Although the product was developed for water purification, it has broad applications and uses which have been reported by some of my clients and clients of other health consultants who have experimented with the product. Please use this information at your discretion and good judgment. This information is for educational purposes and not intended to treat any physical condition or ailment.

Never put ION into juice that has lemon in it. It will nullify the ION. Any other juice is alright to use. Apple and Grape juice work well due to the higher concentration of sugar. The oxygen molecules attaches itself to the sugar which absorbs into the blood stream.

You can never really take too much ION drops since you cannot overdose. It’s like breathing. If you breathe hyper you can sometimes get a fuzzy feeling or lightheaded. It does the same thing when you take too much ION. You can take more than is comfortable, and you will get diarrhea, and it will clean you out. When you get to this stage your body is letting you know you’ve taken too much. If this happens then cut back on the standard maintenance dosage until it stops. Using any type of minerals with ION is excellent. Even if ION freezes in low temperatures, it will not affect its usefulness when it thaws. Never store ION in direct sunlight or it will lose its shelf life. When ION is not stored in direct sunlight it has an indefinite shelf life.


Maintenance Dose: The best dosage is typically 1 drop per year of age up to 20 years, 3 times a day.  Your body will use up the ION and burn it up during the day.  The best thing to do is put 60 drops in a container that you can drink all day long so you can spread it out.  For a baby, put 10 drops into a 10 oz. bottle and let them drink 2 oz.’s 5 times throughout the day.


Water Treatment and Purification – The product keeps almost indefinitely.  It is a godsend when traveling to remote areas where water quality may be questionable, in foreign countries, or after any man made or natural disaster which affects water.

Add 5-20 drops in an 8 oz. glass.  Start with 5 drops for younger children and up to 20 for adults.

For water storage:

Add 20 drops of ION to one gallon of water.
Add 100 drops to every 5 gallons
One bottle of ION will treat 110 gallons of water.


Water Filtration Units and sink top purifiers – These devices can become contaminated with bacteria.  Soak for an hour in water to which 20 drops of ION have been added.  Be sure the unit is submersed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.


Fruit and Vegetable Soak – Use a clean dish pan to which you add about 2 quarts of water and add 25 drops of ION.  Allow the product to soak for about 15 minutes, then process as desired.  To preserve the color of apples, pears, peaches, bananas and other fruit which tends to turn brown, soak the fruit for 10 minutes after preparing.  (A neat test – cut a couple slices of apple.  Dip one in the ION water and set beside another slice which you leave untreated.  Compare the slices at 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 1 hour.)


Yogurt Preparation – If you enjoy making yogurt, you will be pleased to know that ION drops both speed up the process and assures development of a healthy culture.  Use 1-15 drops per quart of cultured milk.  ION actually feeds the aerobic bacteria which make the yogurt culture.


Probiotics – To extend the probiotic cultures from human microflora (HMF products) you can open a capsule into a plain yogurt and allow to sit overnight.  For the next 3 days you can eat 1/3 of the yogurt.  Start another yogurt and another capsule on the 3rd day so you will have continuous supply.  This will allow you to continue taking the culture for a longer period of time at a cost savings which can be used for other health needs.


Oils and Nut Butters – Blend 20 drops per quart to prevent rancidity.  When making nut butters, or adding to commercial nut butters, add 40 drops in the oil required to make a cup of finished nut butter (or a jar of commercial product).


Milk and Juices – Both can be kept much longer and you reduce the risk of contamination by adding 10-15 drops per quart.  This should extend shelf life for additional weeks.  Those who are choosing to drink raw milk will have increased protection from potential contamination.


Oral hygiene and tooth care – Place 5 drops of ION to your toothbrush before your toothpaste, then brush as usual.  Putting it directly onto a cavity will kill the bacteria and sooth a toothache.  However, it will not get rid of the cavity.


Infections, Colds, Flu, Sore throats, Strep Throat etc. – At the first sign of any infection, melt 1 tsp. of honey in 1oz. hot water, then add 50 drops of ION.  Drink this 3 times a day.  The second day, reduce the ION to 25 drops each time.  In addition, drink 3 glasses of water with 20 drops of ION through the day.  

For throat infections, ION should additionally be applied by dripping 2-3 drops directly onto the tonsils about 3 or 4 times a day.  The three glasses of water with 20 drops can also be used as a gargle for sore throat.  

For the flu, stick with a standard dose of 2 ½  drops per year of age up to 20, 3 times a day.  This is best to take in juices (orange, apple, grape, etc.).  Do not take in products containing lemon juices.


Emphysema & Sleep Apnea – When ION is ingested it releases a high amount of oxygen.  This can help raise the levels of oxygen circulating in the blood.  Those with chronic respiratory problems may see increased phlegm the first few days.  This should pass quickly without causing any major problems.  Should any problems continue, stop ION immediately and seek help.


Diabetics – Begin using ION with just one drop 3 times a day.  Gradually increase to 10 drops.  There are reports of increased circulation and health of the legs and feet from some diabetics who have used ION for other purposes (i.e. oral hygiene).


Heart attack or breathing problems – Add 50 drops of ION to cognac, brandy, or pure apple juice.  Drink this down and seek proper medical attention immediately.


Nail Fungus – Use in a dish tub, sweater box, or foot spa.  For every 2 cups used, add 8 drops of ION.  Soak for 5-10 minutes, gently blot dry.  Apply one drop under each infested nail.  This can be done twice a week.  Discontinue use if you develop a rash or inflammation.


Eyes – Do not directly use in the delicate tissues of the eyes.  If you do, rinse immediately with water.


Cold sores and Herpes – As soon as you feel the tingle of the cold sore, apply 1-3 drops on the infected area.  Apply 2-3 times a week, separating each application by 1-2 days.  


Chronic Diseases – Taking ION alongside anything prescribed by a doctor wouldn’t hurt.  If anything it would enhance anything taken as a carrier.  If you use juices or herbs that nature has designed to try and purify the bone and add the ION to it, you have a better source of attack.


Food Poisoning – When you feel the initial rumbling of an upset stomach and you know something is coming, take 50 drops of ION (as an adult).  That will sometimes take care of it.  After you have thrown up take a second set of 50 drops to cleanse the stomach.  A third set will settle the stomach and make sure you have attacked all of the colonies of food poisoning.  If you have thrown up and taken 50 drops and don’t throw up again, you don’t need any more right then.  If you do throw up take some immediately afterwards.  In the case of food poisoning just take ION in water because you don’t want it absorbed into the stomach any faster than possible.  For infants and babies, put ION into 2 ounces of whatever he/she is used to drinking just to get it down.  


Ear Aches – ION is pretty radical to take straight.  You may have a bigger ear ach for the next ten minutes after applying a few drops in the ear but it will eventually kill it.


Insect Bites – ION is effective against all spider bites, tick bites, scorpion and bee stings, etc.  It works well against Black Widow bites and even Brown Recluse spiders.  Brown Recluse being one of the most extreme since it is like a snake bite.  The venom of a Brown Recluse goes into a cell and changes the DNA.  It will stay local at first but keep spreading.  Put about 2-3 drops directly onto the bite about 3-5 times a day for 3 or 4 days in a row.  Black Widow, about 2-3 applications in the first day should do it.


Snake Bites – If you can still see the puncture holes where the fangs went in, put the tip of the bottle directly above the hole and try to get a few drops in.  The biggest problem with a snake bite is if the fangs punctured a blood vessel.  If so the venom goes through the body and you will want to immediately start taking ION orally.  Start with 50 drops.  ION itself is just water, 7 different kinds of salt, and oxygen.  Using Tea Tree Oil as a carrier will suck the oxygen straight into the skin.  Put the ION on the bite first, then put the oil on top of that to seal it in.  You can also use Vaseline as a sealer.


Rashes, Poison Oak & Ivy, Scrapes/Cuts – ION helps the body to regenerate faster.  For typical rashes/cuts, applying ION directly may sting and cause some irritation, but it will reduce the risk of infection.  It’s less painful to dilute the ION 20:1 with water and dab on.  For infant diaper rashes, dilute the ION 30:1.


Aches and Pains – Pain is generally an overabundance of toxins in a certain part of the body.  The toxified Lymphatic system is causing pain.  You get enough oxygen to the right spot and you will stop the pain.  You can apply ION topically to bruises and aches.  It’s also a good idea to take a little orally to increase the amount of oxygen flow in your body.


Compared to Hydrogen Peroxide and Chlorine:

Hydrogen Peroxide is H2O2.   What they do is create another molecule of oxygen.  They don’t stabilize it, they really don’t know how to.  Hydrogen has both a negative and a positive charge.  Or, two different stems that goes in two different directions.  When you create Hydrogen Peroxide you have a hydrogen positive and negative and you have an oxygen negative.  Oxygen is the only element in nature that is totally negatively charged.  So they have found a way to eliminate the negative charge of hydrogen and add the negative charge of oxygen to create a stable molecule.  The hydrogen negative is the negative side effect of drinking hydrogen peroxide directly.  So a watered down, 3 to 1 food grade peroxide was created for the consumer to take.  It will work to a degree, but it will leave a negative side effect to create a free radical of hydrogen.  Chlorine is one of the salts in making ION.  Chlorine has both a negative and a positive charge.  Chlorine positive is an essential salt to maintain the body’s health.  The Chlorine negative is completely the opposite.  It is harmful to the body.  So the body tries to eradicate it through a free radical system.  We have eliminated Chlorine negative so it doesn’t create a free radical and there is no negative residue.  That is the difference between Hydrogen Peroxide or Hydro Caloric acid that uses salts to attaching the oxygen and ION’s.  In small dosages for a short time just like colloidal silver.  So ION has nothing that is charged negatively in it, so it is not toxic.