Minor burns are common whether you accidentally touch a frying pan, stayed in the sun too long, or got popped by hot oil. The good news is that they’re usually easy to treat if you know what to do in the first few minutes. While severe burns may require medical treatment, the methods below should give you enough information to treat minor burns on your own at home.

Use ION Burn Treatment Spray

If you have a minor burn, it’s important to immediately use Ion Burn Treatment Spray that works for all kinds of burns from sunburns to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burning, blistering, and more. It works using a revolutionary alkaline formula containing sodium chloride carbonate and sulfurglycerin designed to oxygenate the skin tissue. The result is reduced pain, rapid healing, and the prevention of infection for one-of-a-kind relief. It even creates a barrier on top of the skin to protect the painful area from further harm.

Cool the Burn

Cool the burn. A cool compress is your best bet for treating a minor burn, as it will help reduce pain and swelling. Use ice or a cold compress, but make sure to wrap the ice in a thin towel or paper towel before applying it directly to the skin. If you don’t have access to ice, use cold water instead. Be careful around burns over joints and bony areas like fingers and toes—cold treatments can cause further inflammation of these areas if they are already inflamed due to joint limitations caused by arthritis or similar conditions.

Remove Clothing and Jewellery

As soon as you notice a burn, remove any clothing or jewellery that is stuck to the wound. If there is any doubt about whether it might be stuck, remove it anyway. The sooner you can get rid of any material touching your skin, the better off you will be.

Drink Alkaline Water

While this may seem irrelevant, staying hydrated is crucial for healing any wound including burns. That’s because out skin retains elasticity and healing properties when properly hydrated. When you let a sunburn or physical burn dry out too much, it can’t heal like it is supposed to. Since alkaline water offers so many benefits, drinking it can help speed the healing process up for your painful burn.

Never burst any blisters that form

You should never burst any blisters that form. If you do, the burn will get infected, and your skin may blister again. Blisters are not dangerous; they’re actually a sign that your skin is healing. They need to be left alone until they go away on their own, which usually takes about two weeks.

Cover the burn with a dry, sterile bandage

A gauze pad or clean cloth can be used to cover the area. If you have access to ice, place it on top of the burn for 10 minutes at a time and then remove it for 10 minutes before reapplying again until your skin has returned to its normal colour. After 24 hours, remove any bandages you applied earlier and gently massage in an antiseptic gel as needed.


Treating minor burns is not as complicated as you would think! However, the faster you treat it the better. That’s why you should always have an effective burn treatment option at home so that you can heal the wound, eliminate the pain, and protect from infection immediately.