Burn treatments have come a long way since the ancient times. Humans experimented with applying things like honey, grease, mud, plant extract, and even excrement to burns since as early as 1500 BC. The American pioneers used egg whites as a burn treatment back in the day. The egg whites dried, providing a barrier for the skin, and also kept the wound from drying out.

Thankfully, today we have improved on burn treatments significantly. While burn treatments have advanced from ancient times, when you get burned, you’re still going to feel that painful burning sensation, and have to keep the wound clean and protected while it heals. Much like our ancestors. Burn treatment spray helps with all of this, and is small enough to keep in your home First Aid kit, and carry with you in your car or essentials bag.

In a previous blog post we discussed the different degrees of burns and appropriate care for each type of burn. In this post we’re going to talk about the benefits of burn treatment sprays, especially the one produced by ION.

It’s still important to acknowledge that the goal of a burn treatment spray product is to help with pain relief, sanitization, and speedier healing at the cellular level.

If you don’t have a burn treatment product available now, you’ll want to stock up and make sure that you have ION Burn Treatment Spray before you need it! When you get a burn, acting quickly is important. This helps create optimal conditions for healing and relieve that terrible burning sensation which can be extremely irritating for an adult or teenager, and even worse for a child.

How Burn Treatment Spray Works

Let’s say you were cooking dinner for the family. Everyone is coming over and you’re excited, and then it happened. You moved a little too fast, burning your hand on the hot pot boiling that delicious soup everyone is looking forward to. Your hand is swollen and pulsing with pain.

You remove your bracelet and roll up your sleeve, and head straight for the kitchen sink. You turn on the cool water and run it over the burned area. (If it’s a chemical burn, flush the area with cool water for at least 20 minutes.) You apply a cold compress.

Someone offers to put some lotion or cream on the area but you decline. It might irritate the skin. After letting the affected area dry a bit, you remember you have some burn treatment spray in your First Aid kit on top of the fridge.

You heard about ION Burn Treatment Spray last month and are so glad you have the product on hand. No one hopes to test the Burn Treatment Spray to see if it actually works, but here it is when you need it.

Your hand hurts a lot but the skin is not broken. You spray the non-toxic ION Burn Treatment Spray and within seconds you begin to feel the pain relief. You can also feel the wound being cleaned and disinfected. The spray is non-greasy. A gentle barrier forms to protect the skin from further damage. If your burn was bad enough to cause an open wound, this spray could be used too but thankfully that is not the case. If it were the case, you would also want to call a medical professional.

You look at the little bottle of topical spray, glad you had it when you needed it. You remembered the ingredients were safe but you take another look.

ION Burn Treatment Spray Ingredients

What exactly are the ingredients in this burn treatment spray?

ION Burn Treatment Spray includes stabilized oxygen molecules in a solution of sodium chloride carbonate and sulfur with glycerin.

How does the ION Burn Treatment Spray formula work exactly?

Oxygen. The oxygen molecules in the spray act as an antiseptic, cleaning the wound and preventing infection from developing.
Sodium Chloride. Both the sodium chloride and carbonate draw fluid out of your tissues. This reduces swelling and pain.
Sulfur. Sulfur is known to stimulate new cell growth, and so it helps to promote the healing of your skin.
Glycerin. The glycerin helps to keep the wound moist while it heals and prevents scarring.

These ingredients work together to provide optimal healing environment for your burn.

Other burn treatment sprays have varying ingredients including lidocaine, but ION Burn Treatment spray is a topical spray with a unique blend of ingredients that provide a barrier to protect the skin and also give relief from pain, inflammation, and redness without stinging.

ION Burn Treatment Spray Summary

In a previous blog we explained how the ION Oxygen burn treatment spray actually works on a cellular level by helping to kill bacteria and promote healing. It’s even been recognized by the Mexican Red Cross for pain relief and disinfectant for burns, while also protecting you from infections.

What’s important is to act fast when someone in your care receives a burn injury. Don’t rely on Old Wive’s tales and ancient remedies that might cause infection and be ineffective for pain relief. ION Burn Treatment spray is a quick and easy way to soothe the pain and can be used on adults and children alike.

If you don’t have any ION Burn Treatment Spray in stock, be sure to buy some so that whether you are on a trip or at home you know any burn injury is going to be taken care of quickly and effectively.

Stay safe!

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