We all know that water is good for us and that it carries nutrients to the rest of our bodies. We know that we are made up of a high percentage of water. But is all drinking water created equally? What about the health benefits of alkaline water? Can we get more out of the water we drink?

Starting at around 90% at birth, body water declines as we age to about 50%, while still remaining an essential substance for our health and survival. From climate to climate, we are all hydrated by this amazing substance. In developing countries especially, there are multiple options when it comes to choosing water for its health benefits. The benefits of alkaline water and the marketed pH levels are something we see on the market almost everywhere, at grocery stores, convenience stores, and gas stations, to name a few places.

Have you bought alkaline water at the store for its health benefits? Did you feel any health benefits from drinking that water? In other words, did it do more than quench your thirst?

While you are getting some benefits just from simply drinking water, a recent study showed that ten out of fourteen commercially available bottles tested in the lab to be more acidic than advertised. This is important for whole-body health, including dental health. The whole point of alkaline water is to help alkalize the body and bring balance to our inner system, so we want to be sure that the alkaline water we are drinking is what it says it is.

Don’t give up on alkaline water health benefits yet! Alkaline water itself is still reported to have multiple health benefits. But how do you know your alkaline water is beneficial if you can’t trust the store-bought alkaline water?

Take a look at ionized alkaline water health benefits. Ionized alkaline water is made with a product called ION Oxygen. ION is a stabilized oxygen formula that creates ionized alkaline water by adding more oxygen to your water. When oxygenated water is introduced to the body it oxygenates your cells and boosts the body’s natural ability to repair itself.

It’s important to understand the function of ionized alkaline water in helping achieve these health benefits. Ionized alkaline water itself does not cure anything. What ionized alkaline water does is create an environment that is hostile to bad bacteria. Ionized alkaline water health benefits come from the water oxygenating your tissues and organs, and creating optimal conditions for the body to be healthy and improve functioning.

You may be wondering at this point, exactly what are the alkaline water health benefits? A lot of diseases are due to bacteria and viruses that the body is trying to reject. With more oxygen being given to the body’s cells through drinking ionized alkaline water daily, people may experience health benefits such as:

  • Increase in energy and mental clarity

  • Antioxidant benefits (prevention of cell damage)

  • Reduction in acid reflux by reducing the acid levels in the body, affecting pepsin which is an enzyme that is required for reflux disease.

  • Anti-aging (via liquid antioxidants that absorb more quickly into the human body)

  • Improving athletic performance and reducing recovery times

  • Colon-cleansing properties

  • Immune system support

  • Hydration, skin health, and other detoxifying properties

  • Weight loss

  • Cancer resistance

  • Reducing side effects of radiation therapy

  • Anti-inflammatory, a quality that may reduce the risk of heart disease and other life-threatening diseases.

  • Health conditions that respond favorably to oxygen therapies include Arthritis, Asthma, Eczema, Epstein Bar, Immune Deficiency, Influenza

Ionized alkaline water drops available through ION Oxygen are good for daily use as well as to keep water in storage treated for up to 7 years.

Invest in your health in a profound way by drinking alkaline water at its purest state with our ionized alkaline water drops. ION Oxygen drops can raise water’s pH level up to 10 while also increasing oxygen, resulting in a better taste and more health benefits like the ones listed above.


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