Water, water, everywhere. It’s easy to take it for granted that when we turn on the tap, there will be running water. Or that we can always run to the store to get water to drink. In these uncertain times, it is especially important to store water for emergencies.

Think about how having water can mean the difference between life and death. The human body can only survive three days without water. In the case of natural disasters or water shortages, you’ll be glad if you’ve taken the time to store water for consumption as well as for cleaning.

Getting store-bought water for emergencies is likely your most expensive option. If you decide to store tap water, you’ll want to take special care to store the water in food-grade containers which will not transfer toxic substances into the water.

What to Know About Storing Water

Here’s how you can prepare yourself for an emergency by creating and storing a supply of water that will meet your family’s needs.

How Much Water Do I Store?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises storing at least one gallon of water per person per day for three days for both drinking and sanitation. Try to store a two-week supply of water, possibly storing more water for hot climates, pregnant women, and sick persons.

How Long Can I Store Water?

The CDC advises us to observe the expiration for store-bought water and to replace non-store-bought water every six months.

Now, if you want to extend the shelf life of water, there is a solution. If you’re in a developing country you’ve no doubt heard of alkaline water. There are many health benefits to drinking alkaline water, benefits that could be extremely helpful during emergencies as well as for daily use.

We aren’t talking about storing expensive alkaline water from the store. We are talking about ionizing your tap water. This solution will work with your regular tap water and it comes in the form of drops called ION Oxygen. ION can be frozen and not lose its effectiveness. ION Oxygen itself has an indefinite shelf life when kept out of the sunlight.

Ionized Alkaline Water Benefits

Not only will ionizing your water help your water last years longer, but you will also reap the health benefits of ionized alkaline water. Put simply, ION is a stabilized oxygen formula. ION makes ionized alkaline water by adding more oxygen to your water. When oxygenated water is introduced to the body it oxygenates your cells and boosts the body’s natural ability to repair itself.

Now, ionized alkaline water itself does not cure anything. Ionized alkaline water creates an environment that is hostile to bad bacteria. The ionized alkaline water health benefits are from the water oxygenating your blood and supporting your body to achieve optimal well-being.

As more oxygen is introduced to the body through drinking ionized alkaline water daily, you can experience benefits such as more energy and mental clarity, weight loss, detoxification, and many more that are beyond the scope of this article.

Creating and Storing Ionized Alkaline Water

Since ION Oxygen keeps indefinitely, it is a valuable item to have when traveling to remote areas where you are not sure of the water quality, or after disasters that affect water. One bottle of ION treats 110 gallons of water.

Once you have ionized your water, be sure to store it sealed in food-grade containers and out of direct sunlight in a cool area. Now your water should be effective against bacteria and safe for you to drink for up to seven years or more. We recommend rotating the water every seven to ten years, however, we have clients whose water was good even after being stored for 15 years!

Now that you have ionized alkaline water for storage, you may want to consider adding ION to your regular water to take advantage of the health benefits on a daily basis. ION has been tested by several labs in universities across the United States and Mexico for over 40 years, proving to be effective in disinfecting and purifying water.

Storing water that is safe to drink is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself and your loved ones. Hopefully, you will never experience a disaster that affects the nearby water supply, but if you do, we hope the tips we have shared help you to be prepared and enjoy staying hydrated with high-quality ionized alkaline water.


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